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Master's thesis topics

  • Boleda (2007) found 3 previously unreported properties of relational adjectives, using data from a balanced corpus of Catalan: compared to other types of adjectives, they appear much more often 1) in definite noun phrases (and much less often in indefinite noun phrases), 2) within prepositional phrases, 3) complementing feminine nouns. Property (1) has been explained in Arsenijevic et al. (2012), McNally and Boleda (2017). However, the other two properties are as yet unexplained. The goal of the master's thesis is to provide an account for one or the second property. The thesis involves linguistic analysis via statistical exploration of a corpus; previous knowledge of Python is a big plus. Background: see articles here, here, and here.
  • The AMORE project explores the phenomenon of reference in natural language via computational modeling experiments. The goal of the master's thesis is to gain insight into how the AMORE model works when applied to a computational referential task; exact content to be determined. Previous knowledge of Python is required. Background: see the project's page, the computational task we are tackling at the moment.