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Welcome to Linguistics 372L, Syntax and Semantics: The Structure and Meaning of Utterances, Spring 2014.

Final exam: Thursday, May 08, 2-5pm, in SAC 5.102.

Here's the syllabus

Here is the practice midterm exam

Here's some information by Stephen Wechsler on graphics programs to draw tree diagrams.

Below is the current schedule. Homework is due each week at the beginning of class on Tuesdays. Reading of book material, as well as one to three questions on each reading (by email) are due on Thursdays at 11am. You are to prepare the readings before class, since the class will serve as a discussion forum and Q&A (see syllabus for more details).

This schedule is subject to change! Any changes will be announced in class. Always check this course website for the current version. Readings and assignments are from the course textbooks, Kroeger’s Analyzing Grammar (available as an eBook from the UT library) and Kate Kearns' Semantics, except those prepared by the professor and TA.

week day reading due homework due
1. Jan Tu 14 Ch. 1 Kroeger, Grammatical form.

Th 16 Ch. 3 Kroeger, Constituent structure.

2. Tu 21
Ex. Ch. 3 Kroeger, A, B, and 3A.

Th 23 Ch. 1 Kearns, Introduction.

3. Tu 28
Ex. Ch. 3 Kroeger, 3B, 3C, and also this exercise (call it 3E).

Th 30 Ch. 2, First Order Logic, sections 2.1-2.2.

4. Feb Tu 4
Ex. Ch. 2, A to D. Bonus: E.

Th 6 Ch. 2, First Order Logic, sections 2.3 to end.

5. Tu 11
Ex. Ch. 2, F,G, I. Bonus: K.

Th 13 Ch. 3, Modality and Possible Worlds.

6. Tu 18
Ex. Ch. 3, A to D. Bonus: E.

Th 20 Ch. 4, Natural Language Quantifiers (excluding section 4.6)

7. Tu 25
Ex. Ch. 4, A, B, C (1)-(6), and E. Bonus: C (7)-(9).

Th 27 Midterm preparation, wrap-up and Q&A on the course

8. Mar Tu 4
Midterm in class

Th 6 Ch. 5, Definite Descriptions (excluding section 5.5.5).

Spring Break
9. Tu 18
Ex. Ch. 5, see this page.

Th 20 Ch. 6, Indefinite Descriptions, Plurals, … (excluding section 6.3).

10. Tu 25
Ex. Ch. 6, A, D (argue for your answer), E (1, 3 and 5 only), G.

Th 27 Ch. 7, Tense and Aspect.

11. Apr Tu 1
Ex. Ch. 7, A, B, E, and J.

Th 3 Ch. 8, Events.

12. Tu 8
Ex. Ch. 8, A, B, C, and E.

Th 10 Ch. 9, Aspectual Classes of Events.

13. Tu 15
Ex. Ch. 9, 1, 5, and 6 in this document. IMPORTANT: in exercise 1, where it says "Section 8.2", it should say "Section 9.2", and ignore dynamicity. In exercise 6, consider only cases in (a) and (c) (The radiator rumbled / the radiator will rumble, The radiator exploded / the radiator will explode.).

Th 17 Paul Grice, "Logic and Conversation", see Course Documents in Blackboard.

14. Tu 22
See this page

Th 24 First four pages of Gottlob Frege, "On Sense and Reference", see Course Documents in Blackboard. 

15. Tu 29
No homework due; we will review the homework for the Grice article in class.
May Th 1 Review.